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Кузнецов Алексей


Алексей Кузнецов родился в г. Минск (БССР), в 1978 году.
Начало в творческой деятельности художника – стрит-арт и граффити. С 1998 года
Алексей становится одним из наиболее известных стрит-арт-граффити художников в
Беларуси, затем в России и Европе в составе команды true Stilo. Невозможность
развивать этот вид искусства и жесткая просоветская цензура в Беларуси в эпоху
юности художника, заставляют принять решение оставить знакомый с детства Минск и
отправиться на поиски развития и возможности реализации сначала в Россию а затем
Европу. Со временем он активно принимал участие в локальных и международных
стрит-арт проектах.
Начиная с 2010 года занимается абстрактной живописью и проводит выставки в
Швейцарии, Германии, Франции, России, Беларуси и США.

Alex Kuznetsov was born in Minsk (Belarus), in 1978.


The beginning in the creative activity of the artist is street art. Since 1998, Alex has become one of the most famous street-art-graffiti artists in Belarus, then in Russia and soon in the entire post-Soviet space. The inability to develop this type of art and the tough pro-Soviet censorship in Belarus in the era of the artist’s youth, makes it necessary to decide to leave familiar from child- hood Minsk and go in search of development and the possibility of realization first in Russia and then Europe.


Soon he takes part in local and international projects. Since 2010 he has been engaged in abstract painting and participates in exhibitions and projects in Moscow, Russia and Europe. Since 2012, he has founded the studio and art-space “The Roof of the World” on the territory of an abandoned, non-functioning factory in the center of Moscow.

At the moment, Alexey Kuznetsov lives and works in Moscow. Implements projects in Russia, Switzerland and around the world. The artist is represented by the MSK EASTSIDE Gallery in Moscow and the Speerstra Gallery in Geneva, Switzerland.



“With a history in graffiti, it is easy to see the rhythm with which he applies the paint be a focal part of the painting, but it goes deeper than just movement. Alex is able to effectively use the medium of paint to capture a myriad of elements that the artist would rather not define as representing any image.”

— Graffuturism.com

“Artists who have nurtured the interaction with the creative energy present in the nature of street art, hold much potential to transpire their work into the field of fine art.”

— Widewalls.ch


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